Free BGP Tunnel Broker

e-mail us to connect: tunnel -at- vtransit -dot- net

This is an IPv4 and IPv6 tunnel broker service, available to use free-of-charge to users who have a public autonomous system number (ASN) and address space (IPv4, IPv6 or both) assigned or allocated by a regional Internet registry (RIR) eg. AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE NCC.

This service enables users to announce their assigned prefixes to the Internet via a tunnel protocol over low-cost Internet connections that may not natively support BGP.

The service is ‘best effort’ for non-critical use such as testing and research, backup or alternate path communication usage. It may be decommissioned at any time (with prior notice). We aim to keep running it for the foreseeable future though.

The tunnel service comes with no guarantees of reliability or availability and therefore should not be used as a primary means of access to business-critical or otherwise critical production systems.

Play nice also, and be constructive. This is a tool that people can use to build out their IT environments with some cheap backup connectivity for low-cost multihoming, or run a test environment or network study lab to learn more about how the Internet works. Don’t use the service for nuisance or criminal purposes.

Our routers are located in the USA at Hurricane Electric Fremont 2.


Supported tunnel types

  • GRE
  • GRE6
  • EoIP
  • EoIP6
  • SIT (6 in 4)


A static IPv4 or IPv6 address on your Internet connection is required for all tunnel types.

Depending on the tunnel type you choose to connect with, your Internet service provider must allow the relevant protocol type and port (where applicable) through their network. Please verify this prior to applying for the tunnel service:


Tunnel type Protocol
GRE/GRE6/EoIP/EoIP6 IP protocol 47
SIT (6 in 4) IP protocol 41


The tunnel service will only accept prefixes that have correct IRR AS-SET and RPKI ROA records. If these are not correct, then the prefixes will not be accepted.

The tunnel service will only accept prefixes originating from your ASN.

All users of the tunnel service must have their networks correctly registered at PeeringDB ( This will be verified on application.

When configuration details are confirmed correct, a tunnel will be configured and enabled and we will e-mail you the connection details. Prefixes announced should be globally routable within 24-48 hours of initial connection. We will check and let you know if there are any issues though.

To get started, send e-mail to tunnel -at- vtransit -dot- net with the following details:

  • ASN
  • IP prefixes
  • PeeringDB link
  • Tunnel type
  • Tunnel source endpoint IPv4 or IPv6 address